EBA Utility Management

IUB’s utility management services can accommodate both business and residential complexes. IUB’s clients will typically be the owner/owners of business and/or residential complexes. Therefore IUB contract with the owner or body corporate/home owner association. IUB’s appointment mandates IUB to be the link between owner/owners and tenant/tenants, with regards to utility management. IUB’s utility management service to include:

Utility Meter Reading

Utility Account Audit

Credit Control

Utility Applications

Utility Account Reporting

Utility Equipment Tampering

Our Processes

  • Utility Meter Reading – IUB will read tenant utility meters monthly to determine the utility consumption to be billed to tenants. Estimated reading will only be taken should circumstances be unforeseen and unmanageable. Reading’s weather actual or estimated will be specified on tenant monthly utility invoices. Utilities to be included are electricity, water and sanitation. Records of meter readings will be stored for five years.
  • Utility Account Auditing – IUB will audit the local supply authority utility invoices, on a monthly basis, on behalf of the client and ensure correct invoicing of tenant consumptions as per official local supply authority tariffs as approved by NERSA.
  • Common Area Charges – Tenant common area utility consumptions will be calculated monthly as per tenant square meters occupied and as a percentage of the total occupied square meters of the buildings on the property. Centralised air-conditioning consumption will also be assigned based on tenant square meters occupied and as a percentage of the total occupied square meters of the buildings on the property.
  • Billing – IUB will compile a monthly utility invoice with all applicable local supply authority and common area charges together with a meter reading advice, to be forwarded to the tenant. IUB will invoice the client monthly for services provided. Bulk power is usually cheaper than power destined for tenant consumption as per local supply authority tariffs and charges. Under IUB’s utility management services, clients regularly achieve financial gain from utility on selling. Tenants will however still pay the same rate that would have been applicable should they have been supplied directly by the local supply authority.
  • Reconciliation – IUB will, on a monthly basis, reconcile local supply authority utility invoices with tenant utility invoices. The reconciliation will be forwarded to the client with notification of any shortfall consumptions.
  • Utility Enquiries – IUB will process tenant utility enquiries on behalf of the client, Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:00. IUB will assign an account manager as IUB liaison, to the client and tenant alike.
  • Credit Control – Tenant payments for utilities are to be paid as per nominated banking details and are due monthly on or before the due date as stipulated on IUB’s monthly utility invoices issued to the tenant. The tenant is to use IUB’s monthly utility invoice reference number as reference when making utility payments. IUB’s utility invoice incorporates a statement and therefore no additional statements will be issued. In the event of tenant disputes with regards to IUB utility invoices, the tenants will not stop payments; charges will be settled in full while the matter is being investigated. Tenants will be responsible to notify IUB should they not receive IUB monthly utility invoices. The tenant who fails to make payment with regards to IUB utility invoices on or before the due date as indicated on monthly utility invoices may be subject to utility supply disconnection. Should tenant utility supply be disconnected, a reconnection fee will be payable to IUB prior to reconnection of services. IUB will not be held liable for any form of loss or damage suffered due to disconnection of services as a result of non-payment or non-allocation of payments due to incorrect payment reference numbers used by the tenant.
  • Reporting – IUB will report to the client on a monthly basis with regards to tenant utility enquiries, reconciliations and identified faults and resolves.
  • Utility Security Deposit – IUB will administrate tenant utility security deposits on behalf of the client. IUB will annually review tenant utility security deposits and make recommendation to the client as to additional amounts to be recovered from tenants.Utility security deposits will be non-interest bearing. Utility security deposits will be refunded thirty days after all outstanding IUB invoices have been settled by the tenant.
  • Tenant Movements – IUB will process tenant utilities with regards to movements, vacating and move in’s. Readings will be taken on the day the tenant vacate or move in. Tenants will be responsible to updated tenant information. The client will notify IUB in advance of move in’s. Tenants will notify IUB two weeks prior to vacating the unit as leased from the client.
  • Tenant Applications for utility supply – IUB will process tenant applications for utility supply. Tenants moving in will complete an application form for utility supply.
  • Connections and Disconnections – IUB will connect or disconnect tenant utility services as per the client’s instruction in writing.
  • Access to Tenant’s premises – IUB personal, IUB affiliates and IUB appointed sub-contractors will be entitled to reasonable access to client and tenant’s premises for connections/disconnections of services, inspections and maintenance.
  • Equipment Tampering – It is illegal to tamper with utility metering equipment. In cases where it can be proven that a tenant’s utility metering equipment has been tampered with or where utilities has been illegally acquired, services may be disconnected and a fine will be imposed.
  • IUB Code of Conduct – IUB will operate according to the official by-laws of the local supply authority. IUB will be fair, reasonable, respectful and professional.

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