EBA Utility Auditing

Many companies do not realise that utility expenditure needs to be managed. Utility invoices are typically processed by accounts payable departments. Utility expenditure makes up a considerable portion of a company’s operating budget thus reducing utility expenditure promotes profitability. IUB supplements companies with resource and expertise with regards to time and expense needed to internally manage utility expenditure.

Utility Account Audit

Utility Account Reporting

Our Processes

  • IUB assigns individual consultants to clients to maintain personal contact.

  • IUB liaise with relevant departments in your organisation to obtain utility related information.

  • IUB liaise with utility suppliers in order to obtain all utility related information needed to perform our utility audit.

  • IUB concludes utility audits within one month.

  • Based on historical data, IUB submits a cost savings report with cost reductive recommendations.

  • IUB’s recommendations are implemented at the client’s request and thereafter monitored.

  • IUB will manage any utility query, both internally and with utility suppliers.

  • IUB will further monitor the client’s future invoices to maintain optimal utility solutions.

  • IUB’s team includes analysts, auditors, engineers and former utility industry employees. IUB uses our expertise and experience to offer a total utility solution.



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