EBA Prepaid Utility Vending

IUB’s utility management services can accommodate both business and residential complexes. IUB’s clients will typically be the owner/owners of business and/or residential complexes. Therefore IUB contract with the owner or body corporate/home owner association. IUB’s appointment mandates IUB to be the link between owner/owners and tenant/tenants, with regards to utility management. IUB’s utility management service to include:

Utility Online Purchases

Our Processes

Process for Retail/Online purchases:

  • Prepaid purchases will be available via retail outlets and online via Easy Pay etc.
  • Easy Pay and Blue Label are third party companies that provide pay points at various retail outlets and online purchasing via internet websites.
  • Easy Pay point of sale devices prints a twenty-digit prepayment token.
  • Blue Label points of sale devices distribute a UNIPIN voucher that vendee would redeem for a prepayment token by completing the instructions on the UNIPIN slip.
  • Vendees are by default registered for prepaid purchase via Retail/Online.
  • Should vendees opt for prepaid purchase via EFT, please follow the Process for EFT purchases documented below.

NB! Should vendees opt to change back to prepaid purchase via retail outlets/online, vendees need to inform IUB by sending vendee’s meter number followed by DEACTIVATE by email to prepaid@iubprepaid.com.

Process for EFT purchases:

  • Vendees need to register with IUB by sending an email to prepaid@iubprepaid.com with the following details vendee unit number #, vendee meter number #, vendee mobile number. IUB needs this registration detail as IUB will send vended tokens to your registered mobile number.
  • Should vendees need tokens sent to a new mobile number, vendee need to resubmit the registration SMS or email with the new mobile number. This number will then become the number that we will send the token to.
  • With regards to EFT purchase, it is recommended that vendees create a new beneficiary (International Utility Brokers (IUB) on their internet banking profile using IUB’s current account that corresponds with vendee’s own bank, e.g. ABSA to ABSA.



  • A Minimum EFT purchase amount of R110 will apply. Purchases less than R110 will only be available via retail outlets. (Please ensure that you are registered for retail/online purchases)
  • When purchasing electricity, the vendee’s meter number MUST be used as the beneficiary payment reference (with no spaces).
  • Vendees who bank with banks other than the banks above, need to make payment to Nedbank using the account details above. NB! Vendee needs to set up an email proof of payment directly from your bank to prepaid@iubprepaid.com. Upon IUB Prepaid receiving the vendee’s proof of payment, IUB will SMS a twenty-digit numeric token to the vendee’s registered mobile number. Vendees need to activate their electricity meter with the twenty-digit numeric token.
  • For any inquiries please email us at prepaid@iubprepaid.com

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