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    EBA  Utility Brokerage

    • First and foremost, we are independent and not tied to any supplier. 
    • We are not a huge company and believe that the benefits of this are a more personal service for your business.
    • By phone or email, we are always keen to help. 
    • We deliver real-time management of utility equipment, tariffs, consumption, and behaviour to ensure accuracy and anticipation of optimal utility applications. 
    • Billing and reporting of utility consumption information is generated in a specialised software environment.


    • UIB Utility Management has been at the forefront of reselling and utility management in South Africa for almost two decades. 
    • We also offer comprehensive revenue and utility management services to the private and public sectors in South Africa and across the African continent.



    Electrical Metering



    Energy Management

    Water Metering

    Advanced Utility Management Solutions

    • In today’s ultra-competitive economic environment optimization of utility, expenditure can be the difference between success and failure.
    • IUB helps organisations to optimise utility expenditure through cost reductive utility audits, utility management, and prepaid utility vending.
    • IUB is an independent utility brokerage firm and we are uniquely positioned to provide organisations with knowledgeable utility-based recommendations and consulting.
    • Our experience, customer, and pricing database together with our knowledge regarding utility markets, provide us with know-how to give your organisation the competitive edge it needs.

    Advanced Utility Management Solutions

    Utility Management

    • Utility account management
    • Common area charge management
    • Reading of utility meters
    • Billing & reconciliation
    • Credit control
    • Management of utility security deposits
    • Management of tenant movements
    • Monitoring of equipment tampering
    • Management of utility enquiries & reporting
    • Management of connections & disconnections

    EBA Utility Audit

    • Energy (electricity, gas, oil, petroleum)
    • Telecommunications
    • Water
    • Sewerage
    • Effluent
    • Refuse
    • Property tax

    Prepaid Utility Vending

    • Prepaid vending via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • Prepaid vending via retail outlets, banking applications, and online via Easy Pay

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